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What is A'Barra?

After the opening of the A’Barra restaurant in 2016, in the place previously occupied by El Bodegón and having been awarded a Michelin star, we continue to invest in excellence by and for the customer: a unique gastronomic experience, where cuisine, dining room and decoration coexist in perfect harmony.

Abarra” is a Basque word that was used in Guipúzcoa and Navarre and represents a means of transporting or carrying fern and grass. It is an ancient tool, built from a cut branch, which consists of two parts on a main axle: the first is the part that is hooked or pulled and the second part is made up of the axle and lateral branches, which in turn are divided into others and this part is responsible for supporting the weight.

The name of the restaurant is associated with this connection with the products of the earth, and in turn with the transport of ancestral wisdom, excellence and the desire to excel. The two parts of the abarra tool represent the union of the dining room and the kitchen in the search for perfection.



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This project of the Sula Restauración group (born from the alliance between Joselito and La Catedral de Navarra) received its first Michelin star (2017 edition) a few months after opening, revalidated in the 2024 edition. The restaurant’s cuisine is based on product and technique with excellent raw materials and Sergio Manzano is the head chef.

Spacious and versatile restaurant

The atmosphere at A’Barra is elegant and welcoming, with a modern design that reflects the sophistication of its gastronomic proposal. The space is conceived to offer a complete dining experience, where carefully selected details create a pleasant and refined environment.

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The restaurant’s decoration, contemporary and elegant, is inspired by a Quercus, where noble materials such as wood, granite and quartz are combined with elements and colours from nature, in shades of brown. In addition, committed to art, the walls are decorated with works by renowned artists. The contemporary and versatile space, very luminous, has a large main living room, four reserved spaces and an exclusive kitchen table.

A different gastronomic experience

We champion a product-based cuisine, inspired by nature, and we are committed to sustainability. We source seasonal products of the highest quality from environmentally friendly suppliers.

Our menu is made up of seasonal produce, vegetables from La Catedral de Navarra, fish, meat, rice dishes, our own pastries and dishes off the menu. The Joselito Vintage Gran Reserva ham and Joselito Wellington sirloin steak, lemon curd and bordelaise sauce are a must.

We organise all kinds of corporate and family events

We are specialists in creating a link between your company and the world of gastronomy, with top quality healthy haute cuisine. We carry out hospitality actions adapted to the needs of companies and individuals. We offer unforgettable experiences and moments, always with excellence in every detail.

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