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The prestigious A’Barra Restaurant in Madrid is not only renowned for its exceptional gastronomic offer, but also distinguishes itself as an ideal venue for exclusive and memorable events. With its elegant design and sophisticated ambience, A’Barra offers the perfect setting for special celebrations, business meetings and corporate events. Restaurant for events in Madrid.

salon con vistas en restaurante abarra

Corporate Events

The restaurant’s spacious facilities, adapted to accommodate large groups, allow for the organisation of a wide range of events.

From gala dinners and corporate presentations to more intimate private events, A’Barra offers a versatile environment that adapts to the needs of each occasion.

Image Private space Maximum capacity
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Opened Main Dining Room

The main dining room is our largest, brightest and most versatile space, decorated with a fireplace and paintings by renowned painters. By opening the modules that separate the reserved areas at both ends of the central space, an open space is formed with the possibility of different set-ups: an imperial table, several rectangular, square or round tables.

Round tables: 54 people

Imperial table: 62 people

salon principal cerrado restaurante abarra

Closed Main Dining Room

This is the same main room, with large windows overlooking the interior garden, but separated from the two reserved areas at either end by soundproofed folding modules. Round, square and rectangular tables are available.

Round tables: 36 people

Imperial table: 42 people

sala biblioteca en restaurante abarra


A wooden room with warm lighting and a window, very cosy, where you can enjoy our bookshop with prizes, recommendations and gifts. The access to it is very comfortable as it has a sliding door with a good opening.

16 people

sala bellver en restaurante abarra


It is a lounge with a large panoramic window overlooking the garden in Calle Pinar, with plenty of light in the morning and at night illuminated with starry LEDs and a large ceiling lamp with stalactites in white and blue tones.

16 people

salon dali en restaurante abarra


The private room Dali is located on the far right of the main room, with a window and a door to the garden, accessed through a side door. It overlooks the back garden and is well lit.

12 people

sala viola en restaurante abarra


This is our smallest and most intimate private room, located on the far left of the main lounge. The space has a window and a sliding door, ideal for discreet business meetings and family celebrations.

8 people

la-barra-de-abarra antes restaurante anomalo

The Bar

Behind an imposing iron door is located our most special space, the A'Barra bar. It is a different and very versatile reserved area, where the main protagonist is the spectacular 14-ton marble bar that allows you to organize any type of event. The lighting and sound system will accompany the personalized gastronomic experience with showcooking elements.

Maximum seated capacity: 18 people

Maximum standing capacity: 55 people

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